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Cherries - The earliest fruit crops. Plantations in its USSR prevalent in the south of Ukraine (including Crimea), in Moldova, North Caucasus, in Dagestan, the Caucasus, Belarus, the Baltics, the central regions of the RSFSR Central Asia. Experienced and amateur stand meet in Moscow, Leningrad, Omsk, Novosibirsk regions and in the Far East. Fruits contain up to 18% sugars, mainly glucose, 1.3 - {acid malic, citric, succinic), 0,2 - tanning and 0.7% pectin, vitamins A and C. New varieties of sweet cherries: Ziff (Spring), white Bigarro Napoleon (Napoleon white), Vinca, Valery Chkalov Exhibition, Drogan yellow Kitaevskaya black Large, nectar, etc. For the Soviet household and collective gardens are recommended such varieties as Dawn, Leningrad pink, Leningrad black, yellow Leningrad, Heavy Red, Tatiana, Black earliest. SMOKED When drying fruit seeds removed, because the fruit without Seeds take up less space, more suitable for use, especially for children, better separate the juice, require less time for heat treatment and improve quality product. first method. Take the fruits of different colors (white, pink, red), sorted by their degree of maturity purified from the stalks, remove damaged, malformed, washed obsushivayut. After that, take out the bones, fold the fruit in a bowl, pour sugar in layers sand (400 g per 1 kg of fruit) and kept at 20 ° for 22 h. Preparation of juice and dried product such as in drying of strawberries, but prepare syrup taking 300 g sugar and 250 grams of water 1 kg of mass, heat treatment is carried out at 85 ° for 8 minutes in an oven maintained at 80 ° for 25 minutes at 65-70 ° - twice 30 min in a sieve at 30 ° - 4 to 5 h. alignment moisture product requires four - six days. Humidity dried cherries -21-22%. second way. Dried product is prepared by the first method, but to separate the juice of the fruit is kept at a temperature of 3-5 ° up to 72 hours In fruit cherries contain a small amount of acid so for a better taste of its juice blended with juices, different acidity: cherry, currant (red, white and black), lemon, rhubarb. BOILED first method. Pick up the fruits of maturity (Different colors), large, stem removed, damaged and overripe fruit, washed, obsushivayut take out bone. Next, fold the fruit in a bowl in layers, twice poured sugar (200 grams to 1 kg) and double-incubated at 20 ° C for 16 h with a twofold Department of juice. Juice and canned join. The remaining mass pour hot syrup made from the calculation: sugar - 700 Water - 750 g to 1 kg, and maintained in 2-3 h. Then cook as well as strawberry jam by the first method, but during cooking add 150 grams of juice Rhubarb and 50 g of celery juice, and for 10 minutes before the end of -450 g sugar. second way. Fruits are prepared by the first method drying cherries. After filling the sugar is maintained at temperature of 3-5 ° for 72 h. Then, after draining the juice cook just like strawberry jam on the first method. During cooking, add 150 grams of black currant juice. Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g cherries, 50 - Strawberry, 25 - honeysuckle 25 - 50 grams of magnolia and pear; 2. 100 g cherries, 50 apples, 50 black currant, 25 shadberry and 25 grams of cranberries; 3. 100 g cherry chokeberry 50, 50 - white currants, 25 Barberry 'and 25 grams of raspberries.
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