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The largest plantings of apricots in the USSR in common Uzbekistan (Ferghana Valley), Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, in southern Ukraine and North Caucasus. Fruits - the most important raw material in the canning and confectionery industry. Characterized by high taste and have valuable properties. They contain up to 20% sugars (mostly sucrose) 2.6 - acids (citric, malic, to a lesser extent salicylic acid and tartaric), and 1% pectin, vitamins A, Bi and B2. Dried fruit with a stone called dried apricots, without She-dried apricots. There are many varieties staromestnyh apricot, as well as varieties, bred by Soviet breeders, including: Ak Isfarak, pineapple, Red-cheeked, Kursadyk, Hardy, Excellence, Melitopol early, Farmland, Subhon, Hurmai, Shalah, Effect of (early), etc. SMOKED Use the fruit as small-fruited and large- grades, regardless of their color. The fruit must be no stains, wormholes, ripe and fresh. first method. Fruits of uniform size and maturity well washed with boiling water and dried at gauze or a towel. Large fruit is cut in half along the grooves, pits removed from the small scores from one side of the fruit, put the fruit in container in layers sprinkling sugar (350 g 1 kg) and maintained at a temperature of 22 ° for 26 hours fusion juice canned. Then, the rest mass Pour hot syrup made from the calculation 300 g sugar and 350 grams of water per 1 kg. The process is analogous to curing dried strawberries but the mass of cooked syrup is carried out at at 85 for 7 minutes in an oven maintained at 80 ° C for 30 min and at 65-70 ° twice for 35 min. second method Preparation of fruits, and further drying operation is carried out by the first method. Only to separate the fruit juice is kept at the temperature perature 3-5 ° for 72 h. The dried product moisture- 21-22%. Apricot juice has a low acidity, so it blended with the juices of cherry, currant, sea buckthorn, apples (sour varieties), blackthorn, rhubarb. BOILED first method. Preparation of fruits, filling them with sugar, separation and preservation of the juice is carried out as drying of apricots in the second method. Further, in mass pour the hot syrup made from the calculation 800 g of sugar and 900 grams of water per 1 kg, kept in within 3-4 hours, then cook as well as jam strawberries by the first method (see p. 19.). second way. Cook on the first method, but maintain apricots for the separation of juice at a temperature of 203 double for 18 hours, each time using 200 grams of of sugar per 1 kg of fruit. JAM Fruits can be taken small, large and over-mature. Their prepare, cut into four - six units remove seeds. To separate the juice was kept at temperature of 3-5 ° for 64-72 h. After draining the juice Pour into a mass of 700 grams of water per 1 kg, cook about 10 minutes over medium heat with the lid closed, stirring occasionally to avoid the stick. Zasupayut then 800 g of sugar and cook just like strawberry jam (see page. 20). MARMALADE Prepare a puree of the existing use or bright yellow ripe fruit (not overripe should take, because they are less gelling substance). Prepared fruits cut into several pieces and removing the bones, pour sugar. To separate the juice of stand as the second method drying. To prepare the sauce, pour the remaining mass hot water (700 g to 1 kg) and heated xinfor 10-13 minutes. Hot rubbed through a lot a fine sieve, poured into it granulated sugar (450 g to 1 kg), boiled until thick in the pelvis with a wide bottom, covering the lid, it is often stir. Hot jelly is poured into molds (Dried) or a shift in warmed jars to the top, cover with lid and roll. Marmalade, derived from the molds, stored in jars. FRUIT SEASONING Cook with fresh mashed potatoes. It is cooked in the same way as in If making marmalade apricots. In Unlike the jam cooking spice sugar take less and when cooked add spices. In the pureed sauce poured sugar (200-250 g 1 kg) and dry mashed celery leaves on taste, stir on low heat and boiled until 4 / s parts of the original volume. Hot seasoning packed into warmed jars, which are then rolled. FRUIT PASTA Cook in sauce, which is prepared in the same way as when cooking marmalade. In the pureed sauce poured sugar to taste stirred and boiled until the contents of dry matter = by weight in the finished product about 25%. Paste in the hot packed in the form of banks, which are sealed. COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g apricots, 50 red currants, 50 - quince, and 50 g of strawberries; 2. 100 g apricots, raspberries 50, 50 - white currants and 50 g of chokeberry; 3. 100 g apricots, cornel 50, 50 - black currant and 50 g of apples.
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