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In the USSR, peach widely cultivated in the Caucasus, the Crimea, Central Asia, Moldova, southern Ukraine and in the lower reaches of the Volga. The fruits ripen from July to November. They are removed from the trees caution, since the stem at the peaches are very short and easily break off. Pulp white, yellow, pink, aromatic, juicy, sweet or sour-sweet. It contains up to 15% sugar, up to 0.79% acids (malic, tartaric, citric, quinic, chlorogenic acid), vitamin C, Bi, B, E, potassium, ka-rotin. Fruits are used fresh and processed form. Peach varieties are distinguished by flowers, fruit size and shape, skin color and pubescence, color, pulp content Sugars and acids, precocity. There are varieties with glabrous (Bare) small fruits - nectarines. There are many Local and recognized varieties of peaches, including Sukhumi orange, Zafrani, Hidistavsky white, fig red, Kiev early, Zlatogor, Soviet, Nikita, Gardens, Collins, rich, red girl, etc. SMOKED first method. Suitable for drying fruits of all varieties of peaches, reached full maturity. They are cut, small-to two largest - xinfour parts and remove the pits. Drying Peaches performed as well as drying of apricots in the first method, but the fruit of sour-sweet varieties take 400 g of sugar per 1 kg, kept them in order to separate the juice at 22 ° C for 30 h and heat treatment in syrup, cooked at the rate of 300 g of sugar and 350 g of water per 1 kg, was carried out at a temperature of 90 ° xinfor 6 minutes. second way. Fruits vyalyat by the first method, but the juice separated at 3-5 ° for 72 h. In some varieties of peach fruit is low in acid, therefore, their juice is mixed with the juice of the fruit increased pH: plum, cherry, lemon, rhubarb. BOILED To pick the fruit of peach jam the same size, but not large, reaching full maturity; cut in two, remove the seeds, pour the fruit sugar sand (400 g to 1 kg). After draining the juice is poured a lot of hot syrup made from the calculation of 800 grams of sugar sand and 900 g of water per 1 kg, incubated for 3-4 h, then cook as well as strawberry jam on The first method (sm.s. 19). JAM Take a ripe, overripe, wrinkled fruit, cut into four part, removed the stone. The juice was separated as in drying peaches by the first method. For cooking, taking 850 g sugar and 750 grams of water per 1 kg. The process similar to the preparation of strawberry jam (see page. 20). COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 grams of peaches, 50 - plums, 50 - blackberry and 50 g of dogwood; 2. 100 g peaches, gooseberries 50, 50 - mirabelle and 50 g of strawberries; 3. 100 grams of peaches, 50 - black currant, 50 - Honeysuckle and 50 g shadberry.
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