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Widely cultivated as a fruit tree. In the Caucasus and Crimea lives in the wild. The fruits are juicy, sweet, spherical, up to 0.8 cm in diameter, almost black with a bluish tinge. Ripen in June and September. They contain up to 12% sugar, about 1 - acid to 0.84% ??tannin and dyes, vitamins C (about 40 mg%) and A. Very common in home gardens have shadberry species originating from North America: Saskatoon spiked (Matures in June - July), oval-Saskatoon (matures July-August) and the Canadian saskatoon (matures in August - September). SMOKED Suitable for drying ripe fruit, overripe should not be used. The fruits are sorted out, sort- flattened damaged in full the fruits are washed, blanched for 1-2 minutes, pour sugar at the rate of 350 g to 1 kg of fruit and kept at 20 ° for 26 h. After draining the juice of Technology process is the same as in the drying of strawberries, but prepare syrup taking 300 g sugar and 250 grams of water 1 kg of weight, heat-treated fruit in it is carried out at 80 ° for 3-5 minutes in pedvyalivanie dy> ovke at 80 ° -15 min, 67-70s - 20 min, sieve at 30 ° - 3-5 hours, the humidity of the product line the within three to four days. Humidity dried shadberry - 21-23%. The juice from fresh fruit has astringent properties. At add water in it is used as a medicinal drink. Blended with the juice of white and black currants, plums, thorns, and lemon. BOILED first method. Prepare berries, covering them with sugar, aging and the separation of juice is the same as in shadberry drying. Then pour a lot of hot syrup, prepared of 500 grams of sugar and 650 grams of water 1 kg, maintained for 2-3 hours, then boiled the first method of preparation of strawberry jam (See p. 19.). second way. Take 600 g of fruit sorted shadberry and 400 g red currants, blanched for 1.5 min, double pour sugar (200 grams) and can withstand at 20 ° and twice for 18 hours after the second plum juice syrup is prepared on the basis of 650 grams of sugar and water for 1 kg. Mass pour hot syrup, kept within 2-3 hours and cook according to the first method of preparation strawberry jam. Jelly In the case of drying shadberry after heat treatment in the mass sugar syrup in a 2-3-one-time it is used with each time adding 100-150 grams of sugar get a good jelly. COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g shadberry, 50 - dogwood, 50 - 50 grams of cranberries and quince; 2. 100 g shadberry, 50 - barberry, 50 - and plums 50 g of apples; 3. 100 g shadberry, 50 - magnolia, 50 - and 50 grams plums pears.
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