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Pear is widely cultivated throughout the USSR. In the southern and central parts of the country grows wild. In Depending on the type of fruit ripen from July to October. They are used as food in fresh and processed form. In fruit contains 5-16% sugars, malic and citric acid, and 0.3% protein, pectin, vitamins A, Bi, C, PP, tannins. There are a number of old and new high-yielding varieties of pears, including: Bessemyanka, Bergamot autumn, winter Bere, Bere October, Be-D Lutsya, Bere Ligelya, Golden, Dawn, the Crimean winter (fruits stored until March), domestic (through April), Limonka, Elegant Efimova, Korsun, Tonkovetka. The fruits of summer w varieties harvested xinfour to five days before full ripeness (As captured in full ripeness they are perishable) autumn - for three to four weeks (and after maturation, they are suitable u-to-eat), winter varieties - is removed in the form of immature (Only ripen in storage.) SMOKED first method. Suitable fruits of pear varieties with thin skinned, firm, mature but neperezrevshie. They are washed, cut into two, four or six parts, depending the size, so that the thickness of slices was within 18-25 mm, remove the core, put in a pot, pour sugar at the rate of 350 g to 1 kg maintained at a temperature of 20 ° C for 30 h. Then curing process is similar to cooking dried strawberries bottom heat processed fruits in sugar syrup at a temperature of 90 ° for 10 minutes, podvyalivanie product in an oven at 85 ° - 30 min at 70-75 ° - twice 40 min. second way. Take 600 g of pear with a thick peel and 400 g strawberry remontant varieties. Pears to be washed, peeled, cut into slices of thickness 18 - 25 mm, remove the core. Then, prepare the fruit of strawberries (see sec. 16, "Dried" strawberry). Then they all piled in a bowl, pour sugar at the rate of 400 g to 1 kg and maintained at a temperature of 3-5 ° for 64-72 h. The process similar to the preparation of dried pears for the first method. Pear juice blended with apple juice, red and white currants, rhubarb, cherry, lemon. BOILED Use the fruits of varieties of pears that are not quickly boil soft. Neperezrevshie fruit wash, clean skinless, cut into wedges, remove the core, pour warm water, obsushivayut. To separate the juice poured twice sugar at the rate of 200 g to 1 kg and maintained by twice 18 h at 20 °. Juice the first and second drain unite and preserve. Pour the remaining mass hot syrup, for the preparation of which take 750 g sugar and 800 grams of water per 1 kg, and maintained for 3-4 hours To prepare the sugar syrup can be used as the water left after blanching acidic fruits. During cooking, add 150 grams of juice of sour fruits thistle plums, gooseberries, etc. Then cook the same way as jam strawberries by the first method (see p. 19.). JAM Take a ripe and overripe fruit, wash, clean the skin, remove core, cut into small pieces. To separate juice poured sugar at the rate of 350 g to 1 kg incubated for 30 h at 20 °. After draining and preservation of juice put a lot of sugar (800 g to 1 kg) fill it with water (700 g to 1 kg) and cook, cooking during the pre- bavlyayut 300 g of mashed potatoes or pectin piece of black currant. Full cooking process is similar to cooking strawberry jam (See sec. 19-20). COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of pears, 50 - plums, 50 - 50 g apples and cranberries; 2. 100 g of pears, 50 plums, 50 - 50 g quince and gooseberry; 3. 100 g of pears, 50 - ternoslivy, 50 - and 50 grams of apricots Viburnum.
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