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Apple ranked first among the fruit trees on both area of ??plantations, as well as to collect the fruit. The main areas industrial culture, its central regions of the European part of the country, Ukraine, Moldova, North Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, south-eastern Kazakhstan. Widely grown in gardens. The fruits are eaten fresh or in processed form. They contain up to 16% sugar, up to 0.9-organic acids, 0.26% tannins, vitamin C (up to 40 mg%) Bb B2, A, PP. There are many good varieties of apple. Note new noteworthy released varieties: Mountaineer, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Zhigulevskoe, Zarya Alatau King David, Kyrgyz winter, winter, Kiev, Podolsk, Orange, Red Delicious, Northern synaptic, Fame winners Stark and others must also specify the varieties of apple with a good and excellent fruit quality, recommended for planting in farmlands of the Moscow region: Hercules, asterisk, Cinnamon new Antonovka, Lobo, Mantet, Lighthouse, Glory Michurinskaya Spartan. For canning apple juice with the separation of use optimally ripe fruit of all kinds. In the summer fruit varieties of skin and the flesh is generally very thin and delicate. Such fruit juice give lower yield compared to fruits autumn and winter varieties. For processing in the first place use of low fruit keeping quality (perishable). Dried product and the juice can be prepared as purified from apples, and from untreated. At the same time take into account that the skin much richer in vitamins than the flesh, and the outer layers of the pulp is richer than the inside. Fruit Wild apple trees are also recyclable. SMOKED first method. Use the fruits of summer, autumn and ripening of winter. They are sorted by maturity and Variety, washed, cut into slices of thickness 20 - 25 mm remove stem, seed chambers, washed with boiling water obsushivayut on gauze, placed in a container, pour sugar (350-450 g per 1 kg, depending on the taste of fruits), maintained at a temperature 18-20 ° for 22 hours, pour the juice. The process is such same as in the drying of strawberries, but for making syrup take 350 - 400 g sugar and 380 g of water per 1 kg product stand in the syrup at a temperature 85-90 ° xinfor 8-10 minutes (depending on the firmness fruit), podvyalivayut in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 80-85 ° and twice - at 35-40 minutes at 65-70 °, with a sig 30 ° - for 5-8 h. Humidity dried product - 21-22%. second way. Take the fruits of autumn and winter varieties Thick skin, which is removed, peeled fruit sour and sweet and sour or sweet mixed sorgoz twice and incubated at 18-20 ° for 16 hours sugar fall asleep and twice (200 g to 1 kg) twice drained juice. Further drying of the product is carried out by the first method. Juice of apples fresh and sweet varieties blended with juices sour varieties, as well as with plum, currant, buckthorn, lemon and vegetables (carrots, beets, Physalis, etc.). BOILED Take a sweet-sour fruit varieties that are not boiled soft and with great flavor. Some of the fruits or fresh only sour jam undesirable. A good apple jam obtained from old varieties Cinnamon. Properly cooked jam flavored, with almost transparent slices of yab- lok. Tender and tasty jams are also in the If the fetus with the rough-skinned to remove it (Especially in the southern fruit varieties). Prepare fruit, canned juice is separated and the same as in drying of apples in the first and second methods. Then mass pour hot syrup made from calculation of 650-800 grams of sugar and 800 grams of water 1 kg, incubated for 3-4 h, after which cook just like strawberry jam (see p. 19.). JAM A good jam is prepared from sour apples, but it can be also cook from fresh and sweet fruits. For this take peeled apples, the pulp of which is well fall apart, and cut into small pieces. Backfill sugar, juice and canning department spend just for drying apples CAG by the first method. dui Then pour water mass (850 g to 1 kg) poured sugar (900 g to 1 kg) and boiled until ready for cooking method jam strawberries but in a jam of sour apples do not add gelling juice of other fruits as the fruit of sour apples have good gelling properties (see sec. 9 "Jam"). In that case, if the jam is cooked from fresh or sweet apples, add the juice, which contains a large number Gely-regulating substances. PUREE first method. Cook like a jam from purified apple pulp which fall apart (with the office juice). After draining the juice is poured a lot of water (550 g 1 kg) and cook for 10-12 minutes. Hot lot rubbed through a sieve, and then cook a little longer. Puree made from treated apples, suitable for consumption without further processing. second way. Use fruits with spots, bruises, windfalls, as well as waste (peel, pith) obtained in the case of the preparation of canned products. The sorted fruits are cleaned, washed, cut. Then fold the fruit and waste in the container flood water (200-300 g per 1 kg), cover with a lid, put on the fire, bring to a boil and Vikings over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Once the mass becomes soft, it is removed from the fire and rubbed on a sieve wooden pestle. The resulting Shore with stirring to bring boil, then boiled on low heat. The finished puree on its consistency like thick cream. In hot it is poured into warmed by steaming or by oven banks. Banks filled to the brim, hermetically sealed, turning, put on cover and cover for a slow cooling. If puree intended for long-term storage, it pasteurized at a temperature of 85 ° for 15 - 25 minutes (Depending on the capacity of containers - 0.5-2 liters). After This sealed cans. Puree, obtained by the above way, is a semi-finished product for the preparation of other canned products. Fruit butter Made from mashed potatoes. Its spread in a bowl or in a pan with wide bottom, cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, then poured sugar at the rate of 0.9-1 kg 1 kg, stir well, cook until tender when covered container, stirring occasionally. The process is similar to Preparation of jam from the plums (see sec. 48). MARMALADE Cook of apple puree (see cooking with. 61-62). In the puree added sugar (400-550 g per 1 kg) and prepared as the same as marmalade plum (see sec. 49). SAUCES Prepare fresh mashed potatoes, in which sleep 200 - • 300 g sugar in 1 kg, knead well and well bring to a boil. Over medium heat, keep for 3-4 minutes, then packed in jars (see sec. 8, "Sauces"). FRUIT SEASONING Prepared from pyure.V ready puree poured sugar (200-350 g per 1 kg), stir, cook on medium heat. During cooking, add to taste pounded dry leaves celery and fennel. Boiled on low heat until 4 / 5 original volume. Hot seasoning is packed in a prepared warmed banks, which are sealed. Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g apples, 50 pears, 50 red currants and 50 g celery stalks; 2. 100 g apples, 50 pears, 50 - white currants and 50 g of strawberries; 3. 100 g apples, 50 plums, figs 50 and 50 g of petiole beets.
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