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Distributed almost throughout the European territory of the USSR, in Western and Eastern Siberia to Lake Baikal. In the USSR there are more than 60 species and a large number of species of wild rose. It is now widely cultivated as a medicinal, vitamins, food, honey, dyeing, Decorative Art reclamation plant. The fruits are used in adulthood. To avoid loss of vitamins, fruit treated immediately after collection. These sour-sweet, slightly astringent on the taste. Harvesting is carried out at a time when they orange-red and solid. These fruits better quality. Brown color indicates a loss of vitamins. Fruits contain sugar, pectin and tannin substance, citric, malic and other acids carotene, vitamins B2, K, P, and vitamin C. According to the stock C and P rose hips have almost no competition. It is established that they ascorbic acid in 10 times greater than in berries of black currant, and 50 times more than the lemon. Currently, a number of cultivars Forms and hips with a high yield and vitamins, ripening, fitness to local soil and climatic conditions, resistance to diseases and pests. They include such varieties as VNIVI vitamin, Vitamin besshipny, Vorontsov number 3, Cinnamon, White-naped, Wrinkled, Spined Large fruited, VNIVI. SMOKED Use a ripe fruit. Overripe fruit transportable, they reduced the content of ascorbic acid and other valuable substances. The fruits are washed, cut, cleaned of seeds and hair, blanched for 1.5 minutes, give water to drain, pour sugar (500 g per 1 kg), kept at 20 ° C for 26 h, decanted and canned juice. The syrup is prepared at the rate of 350 g of sugar and water 1 kg. Heat-treated product in the syrup is carried out at 85 ° for 7 minutes in the oven at podvyalivanie; 80 ° - 25 min and at 65 - 70 ° - twice for 30 min in a sieve at 30 ° C - 4-6 hours, humidity align within three - five days (Detailed description of the process of drying to see. With. 16-18 "Dried" strawberry). Humidity dried rose hips - 21-23%. Juice blended with rosehip apple, grape, apricot, currant, cranberry and lingonberry juice. BOILED first method. Selected is not fully ripe fruit. Training them, the amount of sugar in order to separate the juice and keeping regimes the same as that of a lethargic-e-Research Institute of hips. After draining and pickle juice into a mass (1 kg) pour syrup prepared from 800 g of sugar and 650 grams of water, which took place blanching fruits and kept in 2-3 hours then cook as well as strawberry jam (See p. 19.). second way - rosehip jam with strawberries. Take 650 grams of prepared rose hips (Preparing them as described above) and 350 g of berries strawberry remontant (Preparation, see page. 18), put everything in one container, poured sugar (450 g to 1 kg) and maintained at temperature for 3 - 5 for 72 hours After draining the juice is poured a lot of syrup made from calculation of 650 grams of sugar and water to 1 kg, and maintained for 3-4 hours then cook so like strawberry jam. PUREE Preparation of fruit juice canning department and spend as well as for drying rose hips. Then pour the mass water (550 g to 1 kg), which blanch fruits, boiled until tender and rub through a sieve. The resulting puree heated at a temperature of 85 ° for 5 minutes, then packed into warmed jars and sealed. jam first method. Prepare a puree of the hips, which heated to boiling, after 10-12 min put sugar (700-800 g 1 kg) and cook a little longer over medium heat for 25-30 minutes. In hot packed in sterilized jars with subsequent capping (see preparation of jam from plums with. 48). Jam made from a mixture of two or more species Fruit Shore, is more nutritious and better taste and aromatic qualities than the product made from the fruit of one type of raw material. second way. Preparation of jam from below Shore blends like cooking it from the hips to the first method. For this purpose, the following components: 1. Shypovnikovoe puree - 600g, Raspberry - 400 sugar - 600 g; 2. Puree shypovnikovoe - 600-700 g, plum - 400-300, Sugar - 650-700 g; 3. Shypovnikovoe puree - 650g, pear - 350, sugar - 600 g; 4. Puree shypovnikovoe - 700 g, currant Il kryzhovennoe - 300, sugar - 700 g; 5. Puree shypovnikovoe - 700 g, apple (cooked fruit sweet and sweet varieties) -300, sugar - 650 g; 6. Shypovnikovoe puree - 750g, Apricot - 250 sugar - 600 g. Preserves Dried rose hips are suitable for all mixtures in compotes with dried fruits and vegetables. It can be taken in any ratio. Infusion of rose hips are used in many diseases, as well as as a restorative, tonic. To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 grams of rose hips, 50 - plum, 50 - 50 grams of honeysuckle and blackberry; 2. 100 grams of rose hips, 50 - ternoslivy, 50 - and 50 grams of barberry shadberry; 3. 100 grams of rose hips, a 50-Mirabel, 50 - 50 g of ash and viburnum.
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