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Black chokeberry and quicken

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Aronia in the wild it grows in North America. In the Soviet Union put into culture IV Michurin. In the 50s it began to grow in home gardens. Now grown in many parts of the Soviet Union with a temperate climate. It is not very demanding for high humidity hardy early appearance of fruit plants with high and fairly stabilnod,. yield. Almost no damage pests. Adapts well to different growing conditions. It flowers in May and June. The fruits ripen in August - September, do not crumble until frost. Berries are round, shiny, black and black and purple with a bluish bloom, sweet-sour with an astringent pungent taste, the mass of one berries - up to 1.5 g, diameter - 16 mm. Gather them at full ripeness. At 0 ° are well preserved throughout the winter. Fruits contain 10% sugar, up to 1.3% malic and other organic acids, pectin and tannins, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, P, PP, E, hydrochloric molybdenum, manganese, copper, boron. Fruit used in fresh and canned form. Used in the confectionery industry. Widely used in medicine. From bagasse - waste production of juice - get food coloring. quicken - One of the most common species. Is the parent form of many cultivars with sweet-sour fruit, In its wild form is found throughout Europe. Fruit spherical, orange-red, to 15 mm in diameter, sour, astringent and bitter. The fruits of cultural varieties and forms are edible fresh, and wild - only after freezing. From them prepare jam, jam, Shore, candy, jam, marmalade. In home gardens are often cultivated sweet and fertile mountain ash forhmy: Moravian, non-vezhenskuyu, hand grenades, Liquor and a perspective view - mountain ash with buzinolistnuyu larger and tasty fruits. The fruit of all listed species and forms suitable for ash canning. SMOKED Aronia Selected fully ripe fruit, separated them from the stalks, wash, blanch for 2-3 minutes, obsushivayut and small portions are placed in a bowl, prick crew cut and placed in a bowl, sprinkling with sugar sand twice at 200 g and kept at twice 22 ° for 20 h. The juice first and second drain unite and preserve. Further drying chokeberry like dried strawberries (see sec. 17-18), but sugar syrup take to prepare 400 g, water - 350 g, can withstand a lot of syrup for 7 min at 85 °, dried in an oven - 20 minutes at 80 ° C and twice for 25 min at 65-70 °, in a sieve - for 4-6 h at 30 °. Humidity dried chokeberry - 22-23%. quicken. For the processing of fruit harvested after frost. Berries separated from the stalks, pour the boiling water, hold for 3-4 minutes, then Eymachivayut within 12 - 15 hours in cold water; often changing her obsushivayut, double pour sugar (250 g. to 1 kg). The process is similar to dried chokeberry drying Aronia. Moisture cured product-2-1-22%. Rowan juice blended with juices of black, red and white currants, gooseberries, plums, apples, barberry, plums. Jelly Jelly is prepared as mountain ash Further, as barberry jelly (see sec. 70). Jam ARON With Seabuckthorn Take 700 g of fruits chokeberry (preparation of the same as for drying) and 300 g of sea buckthorn (see with. 74, "Dried" sea buckthorn). Fold in one container. Filling of sugar, seasoning and the separation of juice such as when drying chokeberry. After draining the juice mass pour hot syrup made from calculation of 750 grams of sugar and 800 grams of water (1 kg) which was carried out blanching fruits and aged for 3-4 hours in order to soak the fruit syrup. Then cook as well as strawberry jam (See p. 19.). JAM Aronia chokeberry from Cook and mountain ash. For mountain ash per 1 kg of fruit to take 150-200 of sugar more than chokeberry Aronia. To give a more pleasant taste jam, it is cooked with apples, pears, plums. Prepare for a lot of jam as well as in curing. After separation of the juice (see dried chokeberry, with. 76) it is poured water (750 g-1 kg), cook until tender, fall asleep sugar (1 -1.2 kg for 1 kg). During cooking add apple, pear or plum puree (300-400 g) and cook until done, like strawberry jam (See sec. 20 -) PUREE Aronia chokeberry fruits are suitable, mountain ash and other species of the latter. Prepare the fruit and the subsequent operations, including the preservation of juice, such as when chokeberry drying. Then a lot of flood water (650 g to 1 kg) mix and cook over medium heat until soft fruits. Then she rubbed through a sieve, are added to the resulting puree sugar (450 g to 1 kg, or to taste), and for sour grades of sugar to take the 150-200 g more (Detailed description of pureeing, see page. 21 "Fig" from strawberries). marmalade ARON Aronia WITH APPLES and wild rose Take the puree 600 g of fruits chokeberry Aronia, 200 g of apples and 200 grams of rose hips and mixed. If it is cooked without sugar, add 700 g of sugar and then cooked the same way as marmalade apricots (See sec. 41-42). Marmalade from the fruit of chokeberry and ash of all kinds can be cook the mixture with mashed potatoes from other fruits, apricot, plums, black currants. Sugar in this case take the 150-200 grams more if it was not added during cooking sauce. Preserves For stewed fruits chokeberry use and having seen all the ash. To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g ash, 50 apples, 50 and 50 g of strawberry pumpkin; 2. 100 g ash, 59 - pears, raspberries, 5 & 50 g and zucchini; 3. 100 g of ash, sugar beets. 50 - plums, 50 - and 50 tons of blackberries from his practice. When processing chokeberry Aronia strongly stained hands, and when using it in a fresh form - the lips and mouth. Color is not so easily and quickly washed off. To paint with a missing hand, they need to wipe the fresh peel an apple peeled and washed with cold water, and with the lips and mouth - to eat an apple.
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