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Found in the forest and steppe zones of the European territory USSR, Siberia, and in some areas of the Caucasus. Grows in spruce, pine, mixed forests and tundra. The berries are black, with bluish bloom and dark purple, sweet and sour pulp. Seeds are small. The fruit ripens in July - August. They are consumed fresh or processed. In berries contain glycoside mirtillin, sugar (30%) organic acids (7%), citric, malic, lactic, oxalic, succinic, quinic, tannins (12%) pigments, carotene (0.75 - 1.6 mg%), vitamin C (6 mg%) and B2 (0.04 mg%). On the content of manganese occupy the first place among all fruits. SMOKED Take a ripe berries. Through them, removing twigs, leaves and Stem, wash, obsushivayut. Small amounts add up in a shallow bowl, prick the hedgehog and shift into the pan, sprinkling sugar (380 g per 1 kg), kept for 28 h at 20 °. After draining and preserving juice poured a lot of hot syrup made from rate of 300 g of sugar and 250 grams of water at 1 kg (in syrup can be spread a lot). The process similar to the preparation of dried shadberry (see sec. 56). Blueberry juice blended with apple juice, gooseberries, red and white currant, plum, dogwood, barberry, rhubarb. BOILED Use the same mass, which is obtained by drying blueberry juice after discharge. Mass pour hot syrup, which is made at the rate of 700 g of sugar and 800 grams of water at 1 kg, maintained for 1.5 - 2 hours and then cooked as jam from strawberries (See p. 19.). For better preservation of jam in hot conditions laid out in glass jars, cover with lid and pasteurized in water: half-liter banks during the 12-liter 18 min. After that, banks roll, lay on its side and cover against drafts. PUREE Prepared from the same mass as the blueberry jam. In a lot of hot water is added (600 g to 1 kg) and stir. Blueberry fruit rubbed through a sieve without provarivaniya. Then, if the puree is prepared for storage, sleep sugar (250-350 g per 1 kg) and stirred until it dissolution. Further process is analogous to cooking puree of barberry (see sec. 70). For greater safety puree pasteurized in the same way as jam blueberry. jam Blueberry And barberry Take 600 g and 400 g blueberry puree barbarisovogo, add 500-550 grams of sugar and boiled in the same way as jam from plums (see sec. 48). SAUCES Cook in sauce made from blueberries plodoz (see above, the "sauce"). It added sugar (200 - 250 g 1 kg), stirred, heated for 3 minutes to completely dissolve the sugar and packed. Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 grams of blueberries, 50 - blackberries, 50 - Peaches and 50 g of carrots; 2. 100 grams of blueberries, 50 - strawberries, apricots 50 and 50 g of celery; 3. 100 grams of blueberries, 50 - raspberries, 50 - and 50 g of plum cake.
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