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Distributed in North Non-chernozem zone of the European Part of the USSR, the Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East. It grows in peat bogs and wet deciduous and coniferous forests. There are about 26 species of blueberry. Berries are black and gray, sour-sweet, thin-skinned, 2-3 times larger than that of blueberries. The fruits ripen in July - August. Collecting their last six to seven weeks. In berries contain various sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose), citric and malic acid, pectin, dyes and tannins, vitamins C, A, P. seeds are fat (up to 33%). The berries blueberry cook juices, jams, compotes. In addition, they are dried. SMOKED Select mature and immature berries slightly. Prepare them as well as blueberry fruit for drying (See sec. 83). To separate the juice berries poured sugar sand (400 g to 1 kg) and incubated for 30 h at temperature of 18 °. The process is similar to the preparation dried strawberries (see sec. 16 - 18), but the syrup for the masses preparing a rate of 300 g sugar and 250 grams of water per 1 kg It is kept in the product at a temperature of 85 ° for 5 minutes in the oven podvyalivayut at 80 ° 20 min and at 65-70 ° - Twice for 25 min in a sieve at 30 ° - 3 to 5 hours humidity level the product within three to four days. Moisture dried fruits blueberries - 21-23%. Blueberry juice (it is lighter in color), blended with the same juice, blueberry juice, and that, as well as strawberry, raspberry, cherry, beetroot and guelder rose. BOILED To make jams mass must be the same which is obtained by drying of blueberries. Then take 650 grams sugar and 700 grams of water per 1 kg and Vikings as well as strawberry jam (see p. 19.). PUREE Prepared from the same weight, which is obtained by drying blueberry. Per 1 kg of sugar, taking 250-300 g and 500 g water. The process is similar to the preparation of mash barberry (see sec. 70), and blueberry fruit rub through a sieve without provarivaniya. jam Blueberry and wild rose Take 650 g of mashed blueberries and 350 g of mashed rose, add 650g of sugar and boiled in the same way as jam plums (see sec. 48) fig Made from mashed potatoes. Berries are ripe for puree and select overripe. They prepare the same way as fruit blueberries for drying (see sec. 83). To separate the juice sleep fruit sugar (350 g to 1 kg) and incubated for 30 h at 18 °. After plum juice poured a lot of boiling water (450 g to 1 kg) and rubbed through a sieve. In the puree added sugar (450 g 1 kg) and cook, stirring, with the lid closed as well as figs from strawberries to per'vemu and VTE & CB methods (See sec. 21). Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 1 © 0 g blueberries, cranberries 50, 50 - 50 g apples and pumpkins; 2. 100 grams of blueberries, cranberries 50, 50 -, and 50 g raspberries beets; 3. 100 g blueberries 50 - cloudberry, 50 - Physalis and 50 grams of rhubarb.
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