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Distributed in the European USSR, in Urals, the Far East, Siberia, the Caucasus and the north-eastern Kazakhstan. It grows in coniferous mixed and deciduous forests, scrublands, on hummocks of peat bogs. The largest and most succulent Berries are in wet places. The fruits ripen in August and September. They initially greenish-white, at the time of ripening are bright red, shiny, spherical. The taste is sweet-sour, slightly bitter, with a mealy pulp. Seed small, reddish-brown. In fruit contains ascorbic, malic, citric, benzoic acid and others, up to 9% of sugar, tannins. Use in a fresh and used for making jam, jams, marmalades, juices. Berry, filled with water, may persist until spring, because they contain benzoic acid, protects them from damage, SMOKED Take a ripe berries (small, low-quality sorts out), washed, blanched for 1-2 minutes to reduce the bitterness, obsushivayut. To separate the juice stand at twice 18 ° to 20 hours, with the first time poured 250 g of sugar, the second - 200 g 1 kg. After two sinks its canned juice. Then pour a lot of syrup, cooked at the rate of 350 g of sugar and water to 1 kg. The heat treatment at a temperature of 85 ° for 5 min. The process is similar to the curing shadberry dried (see sec. 56). The juice of the fruits cranberries blended with juices of apples, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cucumber, Physalis. BOILED Prepared from the same weight, which is obtained after Department of juice when drying cranberries, but for prepare syrup, take 1 kg of sugar and 700 g water for 1 kg. Hot it is poured into a mass that then incubated for 3-4 hours and boil until preparedness as well as strawberry jam (See p. 19.). During cooking, add 50 g lemon juice and 50 g of juice from the hips or at the end of cooking for flavor - vanilla or melkopolomannuyu lemon or orange zest. JAM Cranberry and wild rose At first, prepare the same mass of cranberries, as and for drying. Then put the pan in 600 g of weight cranberry and 400 g of mashed rose, poured 950 g sugar, pour in 600 grams of hot water and boil until cooked as jam from strawberries (See sec. 20). PUREE Prepared from the same weight, which are for drying (With separation of juice). In the resulting mass is added hot water (450 g to 1 kg) and tenderize it. After that, the rubbed hot on the sieve, heated at a temperature of 80-85 ° for 5 minutes and poured into the banks, which are then sealed. jam Cranberry-apple Take 500 g of cranberry and 500 g of apple puree (Cooking with it, please. 61-62), spread in the pelvis or in a pan with a wide-bottomed stirred and cook, stirring occasionally, until boiling over high Fire in closed containers. Then poured sugar sand (800 g to 1 kg), stir well and cook until cooked on low heat. Further process similar to the preparation of jam from the plums (see sec. 48). SAUCES Prepared from fresh or preserved puree cranberries. 1 kg of mashed asleep 200-250 g sugar sand, stir, bring to a boil and keep on medium heat for 3-5 minutes, then packed in cans. COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of cranberries, 50 - pears, 50 - 50 g shadberry and pumpkin; 2. 100 g of cranberries, 50 - apple 50 - blackberry and 50 grams of rhubarb; 3. 100 g of cranberries, 50 - Cherry, 50 and 50 g of cloudberry plums.
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