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It grows in peat bogs in the northern and the middle zone of European USSR, Siberia, and in the Far East. Cranberry is of two kinds: chetyrehlepestnaya (swamp) and small-fruited. Four-lepestnaya cranberries - creeping shrub small with stems to 80 cm long. Berries are large, red, to 12 mm in diameter, ripen in late August - September. Small-fruited cranberry, as well as chetyrehlepest-nai, \ grows in peat bogs. Plant less Berries are smaller (4-6 mm in diameter), the taste of such same. Cranberries are cultivated on garden plots. Berries collected in three terms. The first 'collection is carried out in September. In this case, the fruits are firm. During storage they ripen, become soft. They can be stored all winter in cold water. Second collection is carried out in late autumn, in October-November. With the onset of cold fruit mellow, the most tasty and sour, and store them in the frozen form during thawing, they quickly deteriorate. The third collection - nival is cranberry. It is collected in early spring, after thawing snow. In this case, the berries lose their vitamins, but become more sweet. Their retention significantly reduced. In berries contain organic acids (nearly half of them-lemon), sugar, pectin and coloring agents, vitamin C, volatile. The berries are widely used xinfood industry and curative medicine. SMOKED Suitable for drying cranberries fall first and a second collection, as well as the nival - mature and slightly unripe, semi-soft. The berries are sorted out, reject the shriveled, dark, crushed, rotten, then washed, blanched for 1-2 minutes, drained the water, obsushivayut. Then pour sugar (250 g to 1 kg) incubated at 18 ° for 19 hours After draining the juice again pour sugar (250 g to 1 kg) and maintained under the same conditions. Juice of the first and second drain and combine Conserve. The process is similar to the curing dried strawberries (see sec. 17-18), but treatment taken in syrup 400 g sugar and 350 grams of water at 1 kg of weight, kept it off in 5 min at a temperature of 80 °, podvyalivayut in the oven for 15 min at 80 ° C and twice for 20 minutes at 65 - 70 °, in a sieve, from 3 to 5 hours at 30 °. To align humidity requires three or four days. Humidity dried Cranberry -21-23%. Cranberry juice blended with apple juice, chokeberry Aronia, raspberries, blueberries, carrots, pumpkin. BOILED first method. Most often boiled with flavoring. For this take the same mass, which is obtained by drying cranberry juice after separation. Prepare the syrup. Per 1 kg mass requires 1.1-1.2 kg of sugar and 750 grams of water (in which took place blanching fruits). Hot syrup Pour the mass is held for 2-3 hours and boil until cooked as jam from strawberries (see with. 19). During cooking, add the vanilla, tangerine or orange zest or Vikings with apples. second method - Jam cranberry and celery. Take 800-850 g cranberry mass (after separation of the juice), 1 kg of sugar and 850 kg of water, and mix all cook. For 20 minutes before end of cooking to flavor and aroma add chopped pieces of 150-200 g of dried celery and boiled until cooked as jam strawberries (see p. 19.). PUREE Prepare the same mass, which is obtained by drying cranberry juice after separation. She poured hot water, which was held blanching (400 g 1 kg), tenderize, then rubbed on a sieve, added-sugar to taste. The resulting heated Shore until sugar is dissolved at a temperature of 80-85 °, and then packed up, if it is intended to long-term storage. That if the puree is used for further processing (cooking, jams, sauces and jellies), it is prepared without sugar. Last used in the preparation of mashed food. jam Cook of cooked sugar cranberry sauce with the addition of other fruit purees - apples, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries, rose hips at a ratio of cranberry sauce and above 2:1. 1 kg of mashed take 0.9-1 kg of sugar and cook as * ke, as in jam plums (see sec. 48). SAUCES 1 kg of cooked sugar cranberry sauce add 300-350 grams of sugar and cook as sauces from mobiles currants (see sec. 33). Preserves 1 kg of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of cranberries, apples 50, 50 - and 50 grams of dewberry carrots; 2. 100 g of cranberries, 50 - pears, 50 - and 50 grams of blueberries beets *]; 3. 100 g of cranberries, 50 - plums, 50 - Saskatoon, and 50 pubs.
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