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In grows wild in the Crimea, the Caucasus and the Far East. It is quite frost-hardy and drought-resistant a lightweight soil shrub 2-4 m. Fruiting in August - September. Fruit drupe-large, oval, with an oblong stone, dark and bright red, juicy, sweet-sour with acerbity. They contain up to 19% of sugars, organic acids, pectin, tannins and pigments, vitamin C, volatile, potassium and iron. Cultivated garden forms with larger fruits. On private land worth farming such varieties as the Bottle, Bul-Zog, Ka-ra-Zog, Miri-Zog, Zog, Sarah, etc. The fruits are eaten fresh or used for the preparation of canned products. For canning fruits are used in all shapes and varieties cultivated and wild dogwood (large-fruited and small-fruited). SMOKED first method. Take a fresh ripe with firm flesh fruit garden dogwood, remove the stalk, washed, obsushivayut, remove the seeds, pour the fruit sugar (400 grams "and 1 kg), kept at temperature of 22 ° C for 26 h, decanted and canned juice. In the remaining mass of the hot syrup is poured, made at the rate of 350 g of sugar and water to 1 kg, to stand for 5 minutes at temperature of 85 °, poured and canned juice. Further curing process is similar to cooking dried strawberries (see sec. 17-18), but podvyalivayut product in an oven at 80 ° for 15 minutes and at 65 - 70 ° twice for 20 min in a sieve at 30 ° -4-6 pm To equalize the moisture it needs three or four days. Humidity dried dogwood - 21-23%. second way. Fruit freshly wild dogwood sort, cull defective (Wrinkled, ugly), remove the stalk, washed, blanch for 1-2 minutes, obsushivayut, pour sugar (500 g per 1 kg) and maintained xinfor 72 hours at a temperature of 5 °. The process drying is the same as the first method, but podvyalivayut product in a sieve at a temperature of 30 ° for 5.7 hours to align the moisture it needs to be four or five days. Cornel juice blended with apple (fresh and sweet varieties), wild strawberry, blackberry, shipovni-kov, cucumber and carrot juices. Jelly Jelly from the fruit of dogwood are prepared in the same way as fruit barberry (see sec. 70). BOILED Jam from the fruits of dogwood is best to cook without bones. Prepare the fruit and the subsequent process, including the preservation of the juice are the same as Yari drying dogwood by the first method. Mass remaining after draining the juice, pour hot syrup, cooked at the rate of 700-900 g granulated sugar, depending on the acidity fruit and 750 g of water per 1 kg of fruit, put on fire and cook the same way as jam from strawberries (See p. 19.). jam Dogwood WITH APPLES Take a ripe, overripe, wrinkled fruit dogwood, remove seeds. Next, process, including canning juice, similar to dried dogwood. Then the mass of water (600 g to 800 g weight), stir, boil for 10-15 minutes, placed 200 g of apple puree and 800-1000 g of sugar and cook until cooked as jam from strawberries (see sec. 20). PUREE Prepared from the same weight, which is obtained by drying dogwood. In iee water (650 g to 1 kg) and boiled until tender. Then a lot of hot rubbed through a fine sieve. If the puree is prepared for long-term storage it adds 200-300 grams of sugar per 1 kg, stir, then stand on the fire by closing the container lid, at a temperature of 85-90 ° for 5.3 MIA until sugar is dissolved. Then grief "chee sauce packed into sterilized jars that * sealed. If the puree is designed to prepare marmalade and sugar in it do not lay, and immediately prepare the marmalade. MARMALADE Prepared for the marmalade boil over Shore 10-12 minutes, then poured into a sugar (450-500 g 1 kg) and cook until done as well as marmalade plums (see sec. 49). Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of dogwood, a 50-quince, hawthorn, and 50-50g of sugar beet; 2. 100 g of dogwood, 50 - apple 50 - 50 g of grapes and pumpkins; 3. 100 g of dogwood, 50 - pears, 50 - 50 g of figs and carrots.
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