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One of the oldest fruit crops. In the wild in the USSR found in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Widely cultivated in the Caucasus, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Crimea, Moldova, Lower Volga region. Bred in home gardens, including those in the suburbs. This climbing perennial plant (Vines reach a length of 20 m). The berries of various colors, shape, size, from sweet to highly acidic. Collect their in August and September. Fruits contain 27% sugar organic acids, tannin, pectin and pigments substances, mineral salts, vitamins A, Bi, B, C. Depending on the type of chemical composition of fruits strongly changes. There are a number of new regionalized varieties grapes (a variety with high resistance to frost) including more than 80 varieties of domestic breeding, including velvet, Madeleine muscat, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat tairovsky, Ruby Magarach Saperavi north. Most ripening varieties: Madeleine Anzhevin, Malengr, etc. In the open ground in the suburbs may freeze to the root collar, and in severe snow-free winter freeze completely, so the fall of the bushes pruned and sheltering underground. In the spring, after the late frost, they open up. The most winter-hardy Amur Grapes moderately hygrophilous. The berries are black, up to 12 mm in diameter, highly acidic, edible. SMOKED first method. Used for drying fruits of all sorts grapes, but it is best to take the fruits without seeds. At first they are well washed with brushes, then removed from the brush, remove the decayed, with a hint of fruit and stalk, washed in boiled water, obsushivayut, prick, put in a container, pour sugar sand (320 g to 1 kg), you- supports for 22 h at 24 ° and poured juice. In the remaining mass of the hot syrup is poured, made at the rate of 300 g sugar and 350 grams of water, and incubated for 6 min at 85 °. Decanted and canned juice, or combined with the ranee received juice. Podvyalivayut mass in the oven for 25 min at 80 ° and twice for 30 min at 65-70 °, in a sieve held over 5-6 h. To equalize the moisture content product takes three - five days. Moisture cured -21-23% of grapes. second way. Take the fruit of grapes with seeds, remove poor quality fruit and the stalk, well washed in boiled water, obsushivayut, prick, poured sugar (350 g to 1 kg) and maintained for 72 hours at a temperature of 3-5 °. After draining the juice prepare the syrup at the rate of 320 g sugar and 350 g of water per 1 kg. Further process is analogous to the first method of curing. The juice of grapes contains all the valuable parts Fresh grapes: digestible sugars, organic acids, salts of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and flavorings. Its blended with tangerine, barbarisovym, lemon, plum, quince, currant and rhubarb juice. BOILED Brewed from berries, pitted or previously removed them. Prepare fruit and weight with the office of such juice same as in the drying of grapes by the first method. Syrup preparing a rate of 650 grams of sugar and 800 grams of water per 1 kg. Mass pour hot syrup, kept him xinfor 2-2.5 hours, then cooked as jam strawberries (see p. 19.) supplemented with 100 g of lemon juice. JAM FROM GRAPES AND APPLES Prepared from the same weight, which is obtained by drying grapes the first method. After separation of the juice taken 600 g of weight of grapes and 400 g of apple puree blended, pour the sugar syrup from prigotovlennsh calculation 700.g, granulated sugar and 500 tons of water, and cook until preparedness, as strawberry jam (see page. 20). COMPOTE To I liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 grams of grapes, plums 50, 50 - Rowan and 50 g of carrots; 2. 100 grams of grapes, 50 - ternoslivy, 50 - dogwood and 50 g of sugar beet; 3. 100 grams of grapes, 50 - Cherry, 50 hips and 50 grams of pumpkin.
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