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Wild species are not found. In the USSR it is widely grown Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. Fruits ellipsoid, frxagrant. Crust of light yellow, poorly separated from the pulp, which is in-seven-ten lobes, greenish-yellow, sour. Ripens in November - December. The pulp is about 60% by weight of the fetus. In It contains up to 4% sugar, up to 8% acid to 90 mg% vitamin C, vitamin Bi, B2, E, R, volatile. Fruits are used in raw form, used in cooking, very widely used xinfolk medicine. In the USSR, foreign varieties are tested, the best of which- Lisbon, Villa Franca lemon and Meier. Of domestic varieties grown new Georgian, but * voafO'Nsky, Drummer. Lemon fruit are washed in cold water (water goyachey melted wax outer layer of the lemon, as a result of volatilized aromatic essential oils). SMOKED Take a fresh ripe fruit quality, washed, obsushivayut. Cut with a knife or shot on a small grater zest. Blanch fruit for 1-2 minutes at 80-90 °, then washed with cold boiled water and cut the slices xinfour or five parts. Pour sugar (500 g per 1 kg) and incubated for 22 h at 24 °. After draining the juice is poured a lot of hot syrup, cooked at the rate of 400 g sugar sand and 350 g of water per 1 kg, and maintained for 7 min at 80 °. The process is similar to dried oranges (see sec. 101). Lemon juice is blended with juices of strawberry, apricot, plum, mandarin, grapes, figs, onions, carrots. BOILED Cook of the same weight, which is obtained by drying lemons. After draining the juice syrup is prepared on the basis 900 g sugar and 800 grams of water per 1 kg, pour it into weight, insisting about 2 hours and cook as well as strawberry jam (see p. 19.). Candied Candied lemon slices out. In the case of preparation candied lemon slices out, as well as for cooking jam, used two methods of cooking: single until done and repeated, alternating with cooling. Flavor and nutritional value of the candied fruit are best stored in a single cooking, and their form - at repeated. Preparing for a new way preserves and candied fruit shape, because product is kept in the sugar to heat treatment (see with. 9-10 "-Jam"). candied lemon peel. After removing the peel with a spoon or knife, scrape the pulp residues (bitter layer) rind cut into desired size pieces and shape and boil for 5-8 minutes in a large water. Then wash with cold boiled water, then pour sugar (500 g per 1 kg) and incubated for 24 hours at a temperature of 20-22 °. Liberated juice is drained. Prepare the syrup at the rate of 800 g sugar and 700 grams of water per 1 kg peel. Pour them and incubated for 3-4 h at room temperature. Then cook with the lid closed as long as they are tender. For 5-8 minutes until the end of cooking, pour previously merged juice. Candied fruits may dry a little on the day cooking or store in the same syrup and dried on as appropriate (see sec. 10-11, "Candied"). COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of lemon, 50 - quince, peaches 50 and 50 g of celery; 2. 100 g of lemon, 50 black currant, apple 50 and 50 g of zucchini; 3. 100 g of lemon, 50 - Raspberry 50 - plums and 50 grams of pumpkin.
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