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Wild species are not found. In the USSR, were cultured on Black Sea coast of Georgia. Mature at November - December. The fruit can be stored for Xia until July. Fruits solitary or in racemes, slightly flattened, up to 15 cm in diameter, with a thick (up to 1 cm) skin, light-or dark-yellow, mostly with seeds. The flesh of juicy, aromatic, gray-green or yellow, sweet-sour with a bitter aftertaste. It is 50-70% of fetal weight. It contains to 7% sugar, 2.5% acids, mineral salts, pectin, essential oil, vitamins A, D, B1 C (up to 44 mg%), bitter glycosides (mainly in the films). Use in fresh or used for cooking juice, jam, compote. From the rind of the fruit make candied fruit, pectin and are an essential oil. Prevalent varieties of grapefruit Duncan, Marsh, Seedless varieties of hardy and relatively derived by crossing a tangerine with xagrapefruit. At the Sukhumi Research Station launched a new variety of Jubilee. He characterized earlier maturation, higher hardiness compared to other zoned grades and a high content of vitamin C, fruit (up to 82.7 mg%). SMOKED Take a fresh ripe fruit quality, washed, obsushivayut, cut with a knife or peel remove it on xagrater. Then the fruit divxigeinto slices, blanch for 2-3 minutes at temperature of 80-90 ° to the large quantity of water, after which washed with cold boiled water and obsushivayut, Slices prick, pour sugar (450 g to 1 kg) incubated for 20 hours at a temperature of 22 °, cos drained. Mass pour hot syrup, prepared-lennym rate of 350 g of sugar and 300 grams of water per 1 kg, warm for 6 min at 80 °, eating "vayut juice. Podvyalivayut product in the oven for 20 minutes at 85 ° and twice for 25 min at 65-70 °, in a sieve - 5-6 hours in F, to align the humidity of the product required four or five days. Humidity dried grapefruit - 21-23%. Grapefruit juice blended with the same juice as the juice orange, mandarin and lemon as well as cherry, kryzhovennym, currant (black, white, red) cucumber. BOILED Prepare fruit as well as in curing grapefruit slices but not prick, and cut trans-river into two parts. After draining the juice mass pour hot syrup, prepared at the rate of 800 g of sugar and 700 grams of water 1 kg, kept in the syrup for 1.5-2 h and boiled like strawberry jam {cm, 19). Candied Prepared from peel of grapefruit as well as candied peel lemon (see sec. 105-106). The amount of sugar de- Sit on the type of cooked candied fruits. If you are preparing; glazed candied fruit, before the end of cooking add, granulated sugar (see sec. 10-11, "Candied"). Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of grapefruit, lemons, 50, 50 - Actinidia and 50 grams of rose hips; 2. 100 g of grapefruit, 50 oranges, 50 Hawthorn and 50 g of carrots; 3. 100 g of grapefruit, mandarin 50, 50 - Sea Buckthorn and 50 g of apples.
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