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In the wild growing in South and Central Africa. Widely cultivated in the USSR, especially in Ukraine, the Lower Volga region, Northern Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Central Black Earth zone. Fruits are elongated, flattened, spherical, pear-shaped shape with one color and variegated (pale to black and green) color. They contain sugar (glucose, fructose) nitrogenous compounds, cellulose, fats, pigments, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP. Vitamins are found mainly in the crust especially in the green, situated close to the peel. In the food Eat a well-ripened fruit in its raw form, as in their flesh is 2,5-12% sugars. While collecting fruits - August - September. The seeds contain 25-30% oil, are used to prepare edible oils. Of crusts make candied fruit, juice - watermelon honey, from the flesh - molasses. The fruit is cut and dried. Common varieties of watermelon table include: Bykovsky 22 Dessert 83, Pyatigorsk's favorite farm 286, 142 and 143 of Melitopol, Winner 395, ripening Kharkov, etc. In Japan, launched seedless watermelon. He more productive and distinguished by its sweet fruits. SMOKED Take not fully mature, ripe (but disjoint-zrevshie) watermelon, washed, obsushivayut, cut lengthwise into four part is cut rigid outer skin, cut meat followed by a sample of the seeds. Further along the cut Strips 50-60x25X25 mm, pour sugar (380 g to 1 kg), incubated for 22 h at temperature of 22 °, poured the juice. Pour the remaining mass hot syrup, cooked at the rate of 300 g sugar and 350 g of water per 1 kg, and incubated for 5 min at temperature of 80 °, then poured the syrup, in a lot of podvyalivayut oven for 20 min at 85 ° C and twice for 25 min at 65-70 °, kept in a sieve 5-6 h at 30 ° and equalize the moisture content of the product for four - six days. Humidity dried watermelon - 22-23%. Watermelon juice blended with currant (black, white, red), kryzhovennym, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and rhubarb juice. JAM first way - from watermelon jam and quince. Take 606 g of the same mass of water-melon, which is obtained by curing it after the separation of juice and 400 g weight of a quince, and obtained by drying (see sec. 109). Stacked in the mass one container, pour in 750 grams of water, sleep 1,1 kg sugar, mix and cook as well as jam strawberries (see sec. 20). second way - jam from watermelons and apples. Use the same weight (500 g), which is obtained by drying watermelon juice after discharge, and 500 g of apple puree (see sec. 61-62). To this mixture, take 800-900 grams of sugar and 650 grams of water and cook it like strawberry jam (see page. 20). Candied Cook of the same weight, which is obtained by drying after plum juice. In a lot of hot pour in B-rep, cooked rate of 800 g of sugar and 800 grams of water per 1 kg, and incubated for 2-3 hours then cook as well as strawberry jam (see p. 19.). Before the end of cooking add zest or lemon juice. Further preparation candied see with. 13. COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: G. 100 grams of watermelon, 50 plums, blackberries 50 and 50 g of carrots; 2. 100 grams of watermelon, 50 - Cherry, 50 - 50 grams of honeysuckle and pumpkin; 3. 100g watermelon, plums 50, 50 - quince, and 50 g zucchini.
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