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Ancestor of the dining room, sugar, fodder beet and beet chard (leaf) is a wild chard, growing on the European coast Atlantic Ocean and along the North Sea. Beetroot is one of the most common vegetable crops. Grow everywhere. In beet roots contain up to 14% sugars, proteins, fats, fiber, organic acids (malic, citric), vitamin C, B1, B2, P, PP, mineral salts. By content phosphorus and potassium in beet is one of the first places among the vegetable crops. The leaves of vitamins higher than in roots. They a lot of vitamin C and folic acid necessary for normal hematopoiesis. Beets are used not only for food purposes, but and xinfolk medicine. Its juice has a pleasant taste and high nutritional and medicinal value. The most common regionalized beet varieties: Gribovskaya flat A-473, Polar plane, Bordeaux 237, Incomparable, Pushkinskaya flat, Don flat 367, Egypt flat, round Leningrad, for podzimnego seed-Podzimnyaya A-474. Beets chard also use as a food product. It contains vitamins C, B,, B2, P1 \ carotene, sugars, proteins and valuable minerals (Calcium, phosphorus, iron). Home gardens cultivate its such varieties as Red nochereshkovy, Dark green, Lucullus, silver curly Lyons. SMOKED Fresh beets are washed from the land, cut off the stalks. first method - drying of roots. Root vegetables are cleaned, washed in boiled water, obsushivayut, cut into strips 4-5x2X2, 5 cm stacked in a container, pour sugar (200 g to 1 kg) and incubated for 16 h at a temperature of 15 °. After draining the juice yet just pour sugar {200 g to 1 kg) and kept under the same conditions. The juice is drained and combined with the first. Then pour a lot of hot syrup, cooked at the rate of 300 g of sugar and 350 grams of water per 1 kg mixed and incubated 15 min in a closed container at temperature of 90 °. After draining the syrup further process is similar to dried rhubarb, but maintained product in the oven for podvyalivaniya twice 40 minutes at a temperature of 70-75 °, in sieve - 3-4 hours at 30 °. Humidity dried beets - 21-22%. second method - drying of roots. The process of drying of carrots is the same as in the curing them by the first method, but kept the product for Department of juice at a temperature of 3-5 ° for 64 hours and 400 g of sugar taken at 1 kg. third way-drying stalks of table beet. Fresh petioles without leaves washed, dried, cut into 5-6 cm long, put in container pour sugar (200 g to 1 kg) and incubated for 18 h at 18 °. The juice is drained, the petioles for the second time pour sugar (209 g to 1 kg), kept under the same conditions. After draining the juice of the petioles shift in the hot syrup, cooked the rate of 300 g of sugar and water for 1 kg incubated for 15 min at 85 °, stirring occasionally. After draining the syrup petioles podvyalivayut twice in the oven for 25 minutes at temperature of 75-80 °, in a sieve - 3-5 hours at 30 °. To equalize the moisture content of the product required four or five days. Humidity dried stalks beets 22-23%. fourth method - drying beet chard stalks. Before you prepare the dried stalks to them are separated from the leaves, stalks removed coarse, washed thoroughly (Because they are ribbed). If width equal to the petioles 8-10 cm long, cut them lengthwise into two or three clear. Further drying technology is the same as beet petiole. Beet juice blended with apple, lemon and rhubarb juices. PUREE Use the same mass, which is obtained by drying beet root juice after separation. The mass is poured water (500 g to 1 kg), stirred and cooked until tender, and then rubbed through a sieve, add sugar to taste or cook mashed potatoes, no sugar. MARMALADE FROM BEET AND APPLE Take 500 g of beet and apple puree. Mixed them, add 500 g of sugar and boiled in the same way as in the case of apricot marmalade prigotevleniya (See e. 42). FRUIT SEASONING In a beet puree poured sugar (300 g 1 kg) and boiled over medium heat until% of the original volume. Before the end of cooking to taste add crushed pounded coriander seeds and dried leaves of fennel. The finished dressing in hot packed in warmed banks that roll. Jelly The juice contains large amounts of beet pectin substances, so if you get dried beet during its thermal treatment in a sugar syrup last use 2-3 times instead of one with the addition of each time by 100-150 grams of sugar. As a result, from it are of good quality jelly. SAUCES Take freshly cooked mashed beets, add to has 200 grams of sugar per 1 kg of mashed potatoes, warmed over 5 minutes, stir to dissolve sugar. Next to see. 8, "Sauces". COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g of sugar beet, 50 - Strawberry, 50 - black currant and 50 g of plums; 2. 100 g of sugar beet, 50 - blackberries, 50 - redcurrant and 50 g of cherries; 3. 100 g of sugar beet, 50 - cherry 50 - white currants and 50 g mirabelle.
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