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In Russia, pumpkins are cultivated from the XVI century. Today while it is grown from the Arctic to the southernmost regions, In the fruit pulp of pumpkin contains various sugars (From 2 to 19%), starch, protein, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, carotene (provitamin A), vitamin C, Bi, B2, E, pectin. Pectic substances in pumpkin fruit than in apples and beets. Seed its rich oil (55%) and contain vitamins B ^ C carotene, sugars, proteins, salicylic acid and other substance. The fruits are eaten in baked, fried, boiled and in canned form. Used in medicine. Released varieties of pumpkin: Altai 47, Ukrainian plural, Mozoleevskaya 10 Mozoleevskaya 15 Almond 35, Dining Winter A-5, Giant (Originally from South America), as well as gray Volga, Spanish, Gribovskaja winter. In southern country's cultivated varieties of Muscat, Perehvatka, Bu- Tamino. SMOKED first method. Suitable fruits of all sorts. Pumpkin washed obsushivayut, cut lengthwise into four pieces. Cut off tough outer skin and cut out the core with the seed. Cut into strips along the 45-55 X 25X25 mm, pour sugar twice (150 g 1 kg), stand as two to 15 hours at temperature of 18-20 ° with subsequent separation and pickling juice. Prepare the syrup at the rate of 250 g sugar and 320 grams of water per 1 kg Pour it into a mass, which is kept for 8 min at 85 °. Then the syrup is poured, podvyalivayut mass in the oven for 30 minutes at 85 ° and twice for 35 min at 65-70 °, in the sieve held 5-6 "at 30 °. To equalize the moisture content of the product required four - six days. In general, the process of drying similar dried rhubarb (see sec. 119-120). Humidity dried pumpkin - 22-23%. second way. Preparation of fruit and the whole process drying is carried out as well as drying and pumpkins by the first method, but to separate juice of sugar takes 280 grams to 1 kg and maintained weight for 70 hours at 3-5 °. Jelly Using 2-3 times (instead of one), sugar syrup the heat treatment of fruits in the gourd drying them with sugar (100 g each time), get the jelly. As hot as it poured in banks, which are sealed. JAM pumpkin and Rowan Prepared from the same weight, which is obtained by drying fruits of pumpkin juice after separation from the addition of mashed ash. To do this, take 700 g weight of the pumpkin, 300 - Cream of ash (see sec. 78) 900 - sugar and 650 grams of water. Cook in the same way like strawberry jam (see page. 20). PUREE Prepared from the same weight, which are by drying the fruit, after separation of pumpkin juice. A lot of flood water (500 g to 1 kg), cook until * bating time, and then rubbed through a sieve or through a colander. Sugar is put to taste (see sec. 120-121 "sauce" of rhubarb). jam with pumpkin and plum Take 500 g pumpkin, 450 - pureed plums and 800 g of sugar, stir and cook until tender, a jam of plums (see sec. 48). fig Use a ready-made mashed pumpkin. 1 kg of its take 350 g of sugar, 50 g of an orange peel and boiled in the same way as the fig strawberries (See sec. 21). SAUCES Take 1 kg pumpkin, add in a 150 g of sugar, and lemon zest 50g. Then pro- vayut about 5 minutes, stirring until completely dissolved sugar, then packed hot in prepared by banks. Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods; 1. 100 g pumpkin, 50 - Physalis, 50 - and plums 50 g shadberry; 2. 100 g pumpkin, 50 - Rhubarb 50 - cherries and 50 g sea ??buckthorn; 3. 100 g pumpkin, 50 - carrots, 50 -, and 50 g mirabelle honeysuckle.
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