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It is cultivated almost throughout the Soviet Union, mainly in open field and partially in the greenhouses. Fruits contain 4-6% dry matter, 2.5% sugar, proteins, mineral elements, including many connections phosphorus, potassium, iron, carotene, Vitamin C Harvest is usually every two or three days, and fruit Murom grade 36 - a day so that they do not overripe. Collection is carried out in the morning or evening. In time of the final collection of all harvested fruit, small gherkins 4-5 cm in size and the smallest-remoulade size of 1-3 cm long fresh cucumbers storage can not be. Use them in fresh or in canned form. The most common varieties for outdoors: early-maturing - Murom 36, Altay early 166 Elegant, Vyaznikovsky 37, Bountiful, 118 Universal and hybrids - Signal 235, VIR 505, Start 100, middle- - Nerosimy 40, Success 221 Dovzhyk, Nezhensky, late- - Don 175, Winner, Vladivostok 155, prolific. Recommended varieties for the protected area: Marfino, Dean-so-CH, Hybrids VIR 501, 516, Gribovsky 2, Zozulya (TAA 77) Manul, Moscow hothouse, Maisky, Surprise 66 Greenhouse early. SMOKED first method. Fruits are sorted by size, washed, Small (pickles and gherkins) prick. Zelentsy without seeds 2 cm long pieces of cut not more than 5 cm in diameter over 2 cm slices 2-3.5 cm long, large, mature and overripe (If you peel them is hard, remove it) along at two - four parts, pick the seeds and cut into pieces of 4-5 cm in length packed into container pour sugar twice at 150 g to 1 kg stand for 15 hours at a temperature of 18-20 ° and twice, and twice drained juice. The mass is poured hot syrup, which is made at the rate of 200 g sugar sand and 280 g of water per 1 kg and maintained for 4-6 minutes at a temperature of 85 °. After draining the syrup podvyalivayut mass in the oven 20-25 minutes at 85 ° and twice for 25-30 minutes at 65-70 °, in a sieve - a for 4-6 h. To equalize moisture content of the product It takes four to five days. The whole process drying is similar to dried rhubarb (see sec. 119-120). Humidity dried cucumber - 22-23%. second way. Prepare the fruit and the whole process processing such as drying in cucumber by the first method, but to separate the juice of sugar take 280-300 g per 1 kg in weight and can withstand for 65-70 hours at a temperature of 3-5 °. Jelly Cook just like jelly from the berries of black currant (See sec. 30-31). When you use the syrup it was added 100 grams of sugar per 1 kg. Confiture The fruit of cucumbers cut into pieces measuring about 1,5 X1, 5X1, 5 cm mass is prepared as at drying them with the separation of juice from the first and second methods. Then she poured hot water (450 g 1 kg) and cook with the lid closed for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Next fall asleep sugar (250 - 300 g to 1 kg) and lemon or orange peel (70 g per 1 kg) and cook the same way as marmalade of earth-ship by the first method (see sec. 20). PUREE Take a large fruit (pickles and gherkins do not). Prepare a lot of what is obtained by drying on cucumbers the first or the second method (after the separation of juice). Then it is filled with water (380 g to 1 kg), boiled until tender, rub and then cook as mashed rhubarb (see sec. 121). fig Cook puree of cucumbers. Take 320 grams of sugar per 1 kg puree, 50 g of an orange or tangerine zest and boiled (see sec. 21, "fig" from strawberries). COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 g cucumber, 50 - Grape, 50 hips and 50 g of lemongrass; 2. 100 g cucumber, 50 - watermelon 50 - Hawthorn and 50 g of currants; 3. 100 g cucumber, 50 - Melon, 50-blueberry and 50 g of lemon.
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